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Understanding Costs

Let your eyes and your pocketbook be your guide! The origin, design, wool quality and rug knot-count are the determining factors in the cost of new handmade area rugs. For example, an 8x10 Indo Bijar with approximately 100 knots per inch may be purchased for as low as $700 whereas an Indo Bijar with 180 knots per square inch may be bought for $1,500. An 8x10 Fine Persian Bijar with over 200 knots per square inch may cost as much as $2500 or $3000. When shopping, noting the different qualities will help you understand why some rugs are more costly than others.

Semi-Antique and Antique Rugs that are in good condition will be the most expensive rugs to purchase depending on its age, condition, design and look. For example, a Modern Persian Heriz produced after 1950 in a 9' x 12' size sells from $1,000 to $5,000 with an average price around $2,000; whereas a 120 year old Antique Herez (Serapi) may cost between $25,000 and $40,000. A modern Heriz with vegetable dyes in a 9' x 12' size will sell for $4,000-$5,000.

Modern Persian Rugs are very well priced compared to the 1980's. Once the trade barriers with Iran were open several years ago, the prices on some Persian Rugs plummeted. It's not uncommon to find modern 10' x 13' Persian Rugs for $1,000. Today, unlike 10 years ago, it is not uncommon to pay more for a rug woven in Pakistan, India or Nepal then for a Modern Persian Rug.