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Pakistan Rugs

Pakistan has been weaving Oriental Rugs since the late 1940's. The Bohkara is the most notable design from Pakistan, having a repeating Gul design normally woven in several different colors and qualities. The prices of the Bohkara are quite moderate.

Today, Pakistan looms are most known for 16/18 quality Persian weave, tribal rugs using Caucasian designs, Agra & Peshawar rugs. Pakistani 16/18 quality rugs offer very fine wools and incorporates modern decorative colors into traditional Persian floral designs. The Pakistani 16/18 has a Persian knot weave and is in the upper 200's knots per square inch. Most rugs in this quality are made with chemical dyes. However, a rug supplier of ours recently introduced Pakistani 16/18 quality using natural dyes which is pricier then using chemical dyes. The collection designs and colors depict antique Persian rugs. They are selling very well.

We have been selling Pakistan Caucasian Rugs with Afghani influence. The rugs are well priced and readily available. Pakistan also offers tribal rugs with many using natural dyes and hand-spun wool. The most notable types of rugs are made in Peshawar. The Pakistan production of the Agra design can be very decorative and authentic looking although the pile/nap of an Agra woven in Pakistan is shorter then the Agra's woven in India.

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