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Turkish Rugs

Modern Turkish rugs offer a wide range of rectilinear designs in a piled rug and flat-weave. Our best collections from Turkey are designed, woven, imported and distributed by Woven Legends. Woven Legends production in Turkey over the years has included Azeri, Fine Rubia, Yatak, Oushak, Kentwilly & Little River rugs. These collections are the best examples of an artistic revival of yesterday's masterpieces.

Some of the popular Turkish modern production includes Kilims, Konya Ladik, Oushak, Hereke (wool and silk), Keyseri, Yagebedir & Milas. Vegetable-dyed Kilims are made in rectilinear designs and should be reasonably priced. Bessarabian Kelim rugs tend to be more curvilinear and woven with red backgrounds. The finest woven modern rug is the Turkish Silk Hereke, which tends to be made in small sizes up to 4 x 6. Silk rugs can be quite costly depending upon quality but most of the wool piled production from Turkey including Ladik, Hereke and Tribal looks are currently reasonably priced.

When visiting Turkey, an Oriental Rug bazaar can be an entertaining and overwhelming experience. If you have planned to purchase a rug, it is a wise to do your homework and know what you are shopping for. Most sales people in Turkey are professional and possess a high level of salesmanship, but we feel that you need to very careful when purchasing any type of silk rugs. There are rugs that resemble silk rugs called art-silk, which are regarded as artificial silk. Art-silk is normally made with mercerized cotton and should be considerably less expensive then a true silk rug.

Some common Antique Turkish types are Oushak, Sparta, Keyseri and various Tribal looks. Antique Oushak's are extremely decorative and collectable which can make them extremely costly. Antique Tribal rugs were made with rectilinear designs throughout Turkey. Other then rare Turkish Tribal rugs, they are usually not as expensive as Rugs from the Caucasus region. Antique Sparta rugs are one of the more reasonably priced antique rugs, but they normally are not found in pristine condition because they tend to be of an average quality.

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